Kindred helps organisations achieve growth and impact by establishing the structures, practices and behaviours for people to do their best work.

Straight-talking thinkers and doers

We’re passionate about using our knowledge and experience to build more modern and adaptive organisations. We’re striving to weed out bureaucracy and businessbullshit.

Taking you on a steady climb

Our deliberate, tailored approach to consultancy, development and facilitation gets the most out of every partnership.

Delivering value and discovering potential

We’ve helped dozens of companies craft nimbler systems that start with people, connect those people to the strategy and keep them at the core.

We are…

…putting people first

Advancing technology and increases in automation make it easy to lose sight of what really matters: fulfilled people working with purpose. We help you focus.

…doing things differently

Workplace practices and the traditional consulting model are outdated and extractive. We help you build effective structures, dynamic processes, trust and autonomy.

…meeting you where you are.

Whether you’re setting out, scaling up, or becoming more sustainable, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. We get your ideas happening.

…spurring responsible growth.

In a race to the bottom, nobody wins. We focus on building sustainable companies that have a positive impact on the world.

…improving bottom lines.

With motivated people pulling in the same direction, turning a profit needn’t be tricky. We show you how.

We are Kindred.