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Leading through a restructure: a practical guide to weathering the storm

If you’re a leader who is initiating organisation design (or being asked to), here are three guiding principles to help you while leading through a restructure.

The key to being a high-performing team? Knowing why you’re a team in the first place

What's the key to being a high performing team? Knowing why you're a team in the first place. From collectives of leaders to communities of practice to delivery engines, Catherine Ferguson has shared some thoughts on different types of teams and the implications of this for how they come together.

How can you design an organisation to transform and perform at the same time?

For those leading the change agenda, the need to deliver transformation without impacting performance can feel overwhelming, but asking some key organisational questions can help.

What drives meaningful behaviour change… mindset or context?

We both create and reflect the environment we're in. If you want to people to act differently at work, what should you target ... mindset or context?

Forget the Big Bang: Cultivate Real Agility

Too Big a Bang? Why are so many large-scale agile transformations failing? Could an incremental approach work better?

Butterflies, Tornadoes and Organisational Change: Adopting a Systems Thinking Mindset in Org Design

When approaching organisational change we can often overlook the system dynamics at play. Rahul Bhatnagar suggests we look at organisations as systems...

Cultivating Curiosity: Navigating the Unknown with a Playful Heart

Facing an uncertain future filled with complex challenges, our natural instinct is to search harder for solutions - but what if the way forward is not grasping, but letting go through a curious, open, and playful mindset instead?

Trying to choose an organisation design partner? Here’s what to look for…

If you’re a business or HR leader who wants some help to focus on your organisation design, the below might serve as a helpful guide (or warning) on how to choose the right partner for you. If the ideas and approaches here resonate, we’d love to meet you.

In a World Gone BANI – Agility Can Be Your Key To Survival

In an era dominated by brittleness, anxiety, non-linearity, and incomprehensibility, staying ahead means evolving our organisational structures. Organisational agility isn't just a strategy; it's a survival tool in a BANI world.

Have you noticed the world’s gone BANI?

Every year, decade, century is always described as being more chaotic than its predecessor… But today’s world feels a bit like we’ve entered an unparalleled period of uncertainty. BANI can bring some language to the sense of standing on constantly shifting ground.

What does AI mean for the future of consulting?

AI is set to revolutionise the workforce. But what does that mean for those of us in consulting?

Shifting focus to growth: How to fix the annual performance reviews

Is there more to annual performance reviews that self-PR and office politics? Here’s how we can make them constructive...

Is “Agile Transformation” really a thing?

Are you part of an Agile Transformation? Just like Digital – language and meaning can get in the way of a successful “transformation”. Here’s how you can avoid the most common mistakes...

What Most People Get Wrong About Org Restructuring

There’s much more to reorganising teams than you may think.

How to Maximise the Value of Your Routine 1:1 Meetings

Regular 1:1s are an essential part of how modern businesses run. As a manager, how can you be making the most of this time?

Finding Your Feet in a Senior Leadership Role

You finally take a seat at the top table. But then it hits you... “Now what?”

Good leadership development, simplified 

Good leaders are built, not born. Curious to find out how? Read on...

How to Manage Your Organisation Through Change

In times of chaos it can be hard to know if you’re making the right decisions. Here’s how we approach change and encourage a culture of organisational agility

Defending Your Headcount

Here’s a modern, people-focused, approach to getting on the front foot when it comes to your headcount.

Has the Time Come for a New HR Model?

We work with highly talented HR professionals every day who feel the pain of the current model, and wish for something better. Here’s our thoughts:

Hybrid Working: What’s Changed in 2023?

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