Organisation Design

Our proven methodology establishes the structures and practices for organisations to grow and thrive

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Designing for Complexity

Our approach to organisation design is collaborative, holistic and human.  We take the time to get under the skin of your business, from strategy to structure and culture more broadly.  We value the need to set up organisations to manage complexity and change through:  

  • Outcome-focused design that clarifies roles and decision rights 
  • Ways of working that are adaptive and multi-disciplinary 
  • Shared principles that shape “how” work gets done 

Improving your organisation design through our bespoke support:

Rethinking your operating model

A "Kin" holding a pen, ready to make notes

We partner with you to shape and lead your end-to-end OD process by acting as an extension of your team.   Our OD experts help you to hold the pen when it comes to your future organisation, using the best of our collective experience. 

Improving team effectiveness

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We help you to grapple with legacy structures or challenges in how teams work together.  By focusing on role clarity, decision-rights and agreed ways of working, you can put the tired old RACI in its place (the bin!)

Building your OD capability

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We help you to build your internal organisation design capability through tailored development programmes and ongoing coachingThis supports your own people to shape and lead organisation design and effectiveness initiatives.

Org Design in Action

Unifying two technology companies to drive growth

Two technology start-ups had been rapidly integrated and were in the process of relaunching their brand and strategy. We supported the CEO and leadership team forge a path to growth by defining a clear vision, mission and values, and to identify priorities for the operating model to support scaling and get structured for growth. 

“Working with you was outstanding. You very clearly threw your whole self into the project and really went above and beyond to help us move the needle on two incredibly important initiatives in a very short timeframe.”

Josh Brenner, CEO

A collaborative redesign for global Brands & Marketing

We led a participative OD approach for the brands and marketing leadership team of a global brand to reinvent and restructure themselves to keep pace with industry disruption from digital-native players, and embark on a 3-year business growth and transformation journey. 

“Kindred are not your typical team of consultants. They quickly became an extended part of our own team by understanding our business, asking the right questions and genuinely caring about the answers. They are very effective change agents who do not set out to disrupt and they work with you, not for you”

Chief Marketing Officer

OD Thinking

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