Leadership Development

Supporting leaders to explore individual potential and embed high performance

A pyramid-shaped "Kin" with arms out, ready to lead

A Holistic Approach to Leadership

Our work doesn’t come out of boxes or off shelves. We anchor your leadership development in the context of your strategy and goals – enabling working practices for high performance that make the most of the natural strengths in your team. Our development programmes are: 

  • Blended by design – fostering reflection and co-creation in leadership teams 
  • Modern and inclusive – supporting leadership in complex settings with insights from top thinkers and modern work methods 
  • Getting you comfy with the uncomfy – cultivating environments that encourage personal responsibility in leading change 

Our learning experiences are custom made to be rapidly absorbed and applied in practice

Leadership development programmes

A "Kin" facilitating leadership by actions

Tailored learning modules with deep dives into priority topics areas, combined with experiential learning, individual and group coaching.  

Specific skill and capability development

A "Kin" tending to a garden

Structured training sessions, tailored workshops, and/or facilitated meetings on specific skills to support individual growth and development.

Psychometrics and Individual Coaching

A "Kin" coaching a smaller "Kin"

Our coaching options include Leadership & Change to shape style and develop skills, and Cognitive Behavioural to increase individual understanding of personality traits, preferences and blind spots.

Leadership thinking

Stay informed and inspired with articles crafted by our expert humans – no AI-generated content here! 

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