Most businesses have sound ideas about what they need to do. But it can be a struggle to evolve promptly, kindly and sustainably.

The fixed hierarchies, competitive environments and near-term focus that have shaped the modern workplace are outdated. To be relevant today, tomorrow and the day after, you need a setup that allows you – and your people – to comfortably and constantly adapt.

We work with you to solve your trickiest problems and get your ideas happening. Think of us as a temporary extension of your team. We’ll leave you equipped to thrive just as well when we’re gone.


You know there’s difficult work to be done, but you’re not sure where to start. And you’re under pressure to deliver.

Our bespoke consultancy addresses your specific circumstances and unique challenges, helping you to redefine your strategy, redesign your operating model, restructure your organisation or transform your business. When we’re done, you’ll have a setup that’s the right fit for your people and your purpose.


Your people are stuck and you feel powerless. Rigid systems and structures are getting in the way and bureaucracy is weighing you down.

Our innovative approach to development does away with outdated structures, giving your staff the freedom and flexibility to work creatively towards a common goal. We’ll show you how to build people’s confidence with hands-on coaching, sharing fresh perspectives on how to get the best out of your team.


You need to collaborate constructively and make hard choices.

Our thoughtfully planned workshops and facilitated meetings and board presentations focus on the importance of working together effectively. We’ll help you have the trickiest conversations, and ensure vital decisions get made the right way.

Our approach

No two problems are the same, so we treat each challenge as unique, taking your specific circumstances into account. Kindred work doesn’t come out of boxes or off shelves.

We like to be lean, too. That means you get carefully selected resources and flat project structures with highly experienced, hands-on teams. No unnecessary overheads here.

Our tried and tested method helps us come up with sustainable solutions that work for everyone.

Taking stock and looking ahead

We dig in, asking questions and digesting the data to get to the nub of things.
We consider the challenges and opportunties from all angles and lay out clear choices.

Understanding and reaching consensus

We bring people together to explore these choices and make decisions based on shared understanding and agreement.

Making the right things happen, in a human way

We make change happen, drawing out the strengths of your people and create learning environments that operate with autonomy and trust.

What can we solve together?

Are you grappling with a gnarly challenge? Can you see an exciting opportunity? Get in touch and we’ll work out how we can set you up for success.